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Treating BV can be relatively simple, so don’t delay — and if your treatment doesn’t work, it’s a good idea to go back to your physician. “If your symptoms persist after treatment it is important to follow up with your doctor for further testing,” Dr. Dixon-Shambley tells Bustle. That way, you can identify what might be causing the issue and target how to move forward. Untreated BV in a woman who undergoes surgery may increase the risk for postsurgical infections. About 30% of women have a recurrence of symptoms and signs within 3 months, and more than 50% experience a recurrence within 12 months. A prolonged 7-day course of metronidazole and clindamycin treats relapses of BV.

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  • Fenugreek is known as one of many natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis.
  • The main cause of the Bacterial vaginosis is due to an unbalanced diet.
  • Try to include probiotic-rich foods in your diet, like milk, soy milk, pickles, and olives.
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  • BV is characterized by a shift from a healthy vaginal microbiome – one dominated by acid-producing bacteria – to a vagina dominated by unhealthy bacteria.

The healthy vagina normally contains a variety of bacteria. One kind of bacteria, known as lactobacillus, is particularly important. Lactobacilli keep the vagina slightly acidic to help reduce the growth of potentially harmful organisms. This change in numbers and kinds of bacteria is believed to be the cause of bacterial vaginosis. When drops of a 10 percent potassium hydroxide solution are added to the vaginal secretions of a woman with bacterial vaginosis, an amine, or “fishy” odor is released.

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Using condoms during sex is another important preventive step for bacterial vaginosis. You apk Bacteria Vaginosis download should bring certain lifestyle changes to get rid of bacterial vaginosis fast. When there’s a proper balance of pH in the vagina, the odor and infection will eventually go away.

Even if the symptoms are already gone in a matter of days, stopping or not completing the prescribed regimen will increase your risk in getting BV again. It is imperative you complete the prescribed regimen you received from your doctor, if you’ve sought treatment. However, if it was diagnosed and you’ve taken the medications as ordered by your doctor, there’s a smaller chance of it coming back.

Antibiotics Are Used To Treat Bv

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